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NO MEDIA, 3.16.2013

no media

This Saturday I’ll be taking part in NO MEDIA at Tritriangle, an event “[dis]organized” by Nick Briz, Jeff Kolar, and Jason Soliday. Originally conceived by Soliday for last year’s GLI.TC/H festival, the event brings together three artists at random who work in a range of mediums for ten-minute improvisational performances under a set of rules that push the ephemeral nature of live performance. Artists must start with no media and without any preparation, and no documentation is allowed to be taken during performances;  everything will be happening in and for the moment.

I’ll be bringing a new and untested VCR→VGA instrument, utilizing a pulsing video eraser to delete VHS video content in realtime while synchronizing audio and video signals.

vcr to vga

There will be additional artists added at the event, but the current lineup is as follows:

Kevin Carey/YUNG PH∆R∆ØH
Ben Baker-Smith
Anthony Janas
Peter Hegarty/robotsexmusic
Evan Kühl
meredith kooi
Last King Of Poland
Patrick Quinn
Nolan Sheehan Jankowski
Patrick Lynn/booltox
Peter Speer
Jessica Speer
shawne michaelain holloway
James Connolly
Ignotus the Mage
Anna Friz

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Nick Briz’s Apple Computers

Last week’s REMIX-IT-RIGHT screening at the Gene Siskel Film Center, the most recent output of Jon Cates‘ ongoing organization of the Phil Morton Memorial Research Archive,  gathered an impressive list of international new media artists who remixed the work of pioneering video artist Phil Morton. Included in the screening was Nick Briz‘s brilliant re[mix/make] of Morton’s 1976 video General Motors, reinterpreted into a critique of Apple computers. Weaving together phone conversations with Apple customer service reps, interviews with and a/v works by new media artists, digitally processed rants to the camera channeling Phil Morton (all powerfully juxtaposed with footage of a young Steve Jobs), the video exists as part critique of Apple’s restrictive interfaces and use of planned obsolescence, part documentary of the dirty new media scene, and part theoretical essay on information and technological openness.

The video can be viewed with live annotations on Nick’s website, here: nickbriz.com/applecomputers

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Cracked Ray Tube on the Creator’s Project

Cracked Ray Tube was recently featured on the Creator’s Project blog:


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Cracked Ray Tube Studio Documentation

Last October Kyle Evans and I completed a studio recording of our Cracked Ray Tube system following the composition we developed for live performances. 

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New Cracked Ray Tube Website

The website for Cracked Ray Tube, the project I’ve been working on with Kyle Evans for the past year, has been updated with hardware hacking tutorials and extensive photo and video documentation. The tutorials, which we’ve been using to give workshops, include hacking VGA monitors to bend audio into video, building a DIY analog video transmitter, and hacking a television with a DIY electromagnet and can be found below.


Cracking Ray Tubes- the complete document

Hacking a VGA Monitor to Bend Audio into Video

Building a DIY Video Transmitter

Building a DIY Electromagnet for Television Hacking

Hacking a Television with a DIY Electromagnet

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GLI/TC.H Part 1: Real-Time Performances

via Chelsea Hoff of F Newsmagazine

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